What is acne?

Acne is a Skin Condition. It is usually found on the face, arms, chest, back, shoulders. When the skin starts producing excess sebum, sebum gets blocked in the pores along with bacteria and dead cells and it results in acne.

Reasons for Breakout

Hormonal Imbalance.

Androgens are the hormones which increase at the time of puberty and cause sebaceous gland to make more sebum. Overproduction of sebum, plug hair follicles with dead skin cells and results into acne. During pregnancy and around menopause our body undergoes hormonal changes and cause acne. Birth control pills can also result in acne formation.

Improper Diet.

The study has shown that you are most likely to have acne if your food is full of sugar and carbohydrates. When the blood sugar rises, it causes the body to release a hormone named insulin. Having excess insulin in the blood cause overproduction of sebum and ultimately results in Acne, Open pores, Blackheads and whiteheads.

On the body level, insulin can lead to serious health problems like obesity, heart problem, diabetes and many more.

Using Comedogenic products.

By the word comedogenic, we mean products which have oil in them. Using oil-based products can clog the pores and results in acne formation. Using oil-based products trigger the formation of acne.

It is very important to use non-comedogenic skincare and makeup products to maintain healthy skin. Non-comedogenic products don’t trigger the new acne.

Lack of sleep.

Lack of sleep can have a negative impact on everything from your looks to your health. A study has shown that people who sleep little had more skin problems like acne fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin.

You can heal your skin by taking care of your sleeping cycle. A good sleep heals you inside-out.

Over Scrubbing.

This is a myth- the more we will scrub, more healthy skin we will have. But this is completely wrong, scrubbing harshly results in micro-tears and lead to skin irritation and inflammation. Using harsh scrubs can harm our skin texture and trigger the acne.

Anything access is dangerous. Using mild scrub once a week can help in healing the skin. It is very important to hydrate your skin immediately after scrubbing.  

Unclean bed sheets and pillow cover.

When you move around in the sleep, you create friction, and if pillow cover or bedsheet is dirty it can cause the breakout. It is very important to change the pillow cover at least after every 2-3 days. If you are changing it everyday then this is the best you can do for your skin and hair.

If you using the silk pillowcases, it is the best, because silk doesn’t absorb much oil in it. 

Using Unsensitized Phone.

Our phone is the hot bed of germs and dust and it can cause acne. When we touch phone screen to the face, we invite bacterial infection which causes breakout and acne. The germs don’t take much time to transfer on your skin and cause skin problems. So, it is very important to clean the phone screen every day.

Using wrong products.

Seeing a new product on television is always tempting, but we have to understand a single product can suit everyone. It is very important to understand the skin type first, accordingly, we need to use the products.

To treat acne it is important to use water-based products and avoid oil-based products. People prone to breakouts must use non-comedogenic products which don’t clog the pores.

Sleeping with Makeup on.

Even non-comedogenic makeup products can cause acne if you sleep in it. When we sleep our body repair itself and remove the toxins. It is very important to make sure your skin is clean and hydrated when you go for sleep so that the skin can breathe and heal.

Sleeping with makeup prevents your skin from renewing, and cause clogged pores, acne, bumps and dull skin. The chances of infection and inflammation increases.

Over touching the face.

You touch a lot of things with your hands, and with the same hands, you touch your face again and again. The chances of getting an infection on the face are higher if you keep touching your face with unclean hands.

This will trigger the breakouts because we are bringing bacteria to our skin. Whenever applying anything on the face make sure to wash your hands before.