Having a good skin texture is a blessing. No matter how good makeup you do, it is very important to have good skin. Following a skincare routine is must to maintain the texture of your skin. Prepping the skin, prior to the makeup application is the most important step. It involves Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing, SPF (optional) and Priming up the face. Following these steps will result in long-lasting makeup, even makeup application, no cracked makeup line, no cakey makeup.

What is a Primer?

Primer is a beauty product. Primer creates an extra layer between your skin and makeup. Primer is used as Pre-Makeup skin care. Makeup primer is the base of your foundation. It is the barrier between your skin and makeup. Primer is very soft in touch. Primers are available in a different formulation like cream primers, gel-based primers, hydrating primers, silicone-based primers you can select as per your skin type.

What Primer Does?

Primer fills in small imperfections like pores, fine lines and wrinkles. It creates a smooth surface on your skin. Primer makes your foundation blend easily and evenly. Primer makes your makeup long-lasting and prevents your makeup from getting smudged. Primer helps to make your skin even more young-looking and active.  Primers make makeup application easy and reduce the amount you use. It results in long-lasting, beautiful makeup. Use a good primer, which suits your skin type and say goodbye to cakey, smudged makeup.

What primer suits which skin?

Before selecting your beauty or makeup products it’s very important to know your skin type. It’s very important to know what your skin actually needs. Not every product is meant to suit all skin type. If you have normal to dry skin type use a hydrating or moisturizing primer. If you have oily to combination skin type, use a gel-based or silicone-based primer. Hydrating primers can also be used on oily to combination skin.

Gel Based Primer: Gel Based Primers are the saviour for oily to combination skin. They ate lightweight. They work on the sensitive skin and acne-prone skin too. They are non-oily and doesn’t clog the pores. They do an excellent job, creating a sticky base for the foundation. They fill in fine lines, open pores and wrinkles while eliminating the appearance of uneven texture, resulting into smooth, soft flawless skin.

  • NYX Professional Pore Filler.

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  • Maybelline Master Prime Mattifying Primer.

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  • L’Oréal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer.

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Hydrating Primer: Hydrating Primers are very lightweight, soft, non-greasy formula primers. They refresh the skin conditions and also prep your face for long-lasting makeup. They smoothen out the dry, flaky skin. Moisturizes the skin, and gives a subtle glow. Fills in fine lines and pores.

  • Flower Beauty in Your Prime Hydrating Primer.

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  • Milani Prime Perfection Hydrating + Pore-Minimizing Face Primer.

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  • Nivea After Shave Balm. (It is Men aftershave balm, but can be used a face primer because of its properties.)

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When to apply a Primer?

Now when you have understood what is the use of a primer, what primer suits what skin and as selected the primer for your skin, it is very important to know when to apply the Primer.

Primer is applied after your CTM routine, and before your Base Makeup. Click Here to read more about CTM (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing). Never apply the primer before CTM routine, as it will not be effective. Take an adequate amount of Primer, dot it on your face, blend in with the first two fingers only, no need to use both the hands. Let it sit on your skin for a minute and once it is completely absorbed carry on with your makeup.

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