I know- Removing Makeup is a monotonous job after a great party, when you are tierd indeed. Especially
when you have your bold Smokey eyes or dramatic red lips with little extra mist of your Setting Spray.
Your makeup won’t budge unless you rinse your face multiple times following with a great scrubbing. But
sleeping with full face of makeup, on can results into the open pores, fine lines, acne, premature aging
and what not.


Using commercial makeup removal products can irritate your skin, if you have sensitive and dry skin. We
need to take into the consideration that makeup removing products like Miceller water can the drying
ingredients like alcohol. Wet Wipes also contain an alcohol, so it can damage your skin in long run. On
the other hand, wet wipes are non-biodegradable, so it pollutes and damage the environment too.



HOT SELLING PRODUCT- Makeup removal towel

Say good bye to all those time consuming makeup removing routine and start using Makeup Removal
towel from Vinaura cosmetics, it is a cloth which removes your makeup without irritating your skin. It is
one of the best selling product of Vinaura Cosmetics.


This towel removes makeup with water only, Just wet the cloth in the luke warm water and run it on your
face in circular motion to remove your makeup. For Stubborn makeup Place damp cloth on skin for 15
seconds to breakdown cosmetics. In a sweeping outward motion, remove all traces of leftover
makeup. For better results wet your face also. The best part is it’s Reusable. The Makeup Removal Towel
will last up-to 1000 times and eliminates the need to buy disposable product to remove your makeup.
Throw it in a wash and no stain remains. Click Here to see the demonstration of How to use Makeup Removal Towel


The makeup removal towel is a pink cloth with hand-sewn sateen edge that’s plush and soft to the touch.
This ultra soft woven polyester blend cloth gets rid of tough makeup without leaving behind a residue, just
afresh healthy feeling. The short side fiber is used to remove makeup and long fiber side is used to
exfoliate. Treat yourself to a spa at home everyday while saving money.



Makeup Removal towel from the Vinaura cosmetics is made of the Micro-fibers, it is chemical free, and
environment friendly. It doesn’t harm the environment like the wet wipes neither it dries your skin after
using chemical based makeup removing products. . Gentle, yet effective, no chemicals. This makeup
Removal Towel can be also a great facial cleansing towel. It works for all Skin Types including sensitive
skin and delicate eye area.  Size- 18*40cm